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Welcome to the Geological Society of Minnesota

The Geological Society of Minnesota is a public-spirited, nonprofit educational organization that has been in operation since 1938. Our ongoing mission has been to promote public interest and supply educational support in the geological sciences. We do this by sponsoring free lectures and labs at the University of Minnesota, conducting statewide and regional field trips, holding classroom presentations for schools, maintaining a media library, publishing relevant information for public distribution, and maintaining and expanding upon a series of geological markers located throughout the state.

GSM's exciting, illustrated Seminars are presented by leading professionals in their fields of Geology or Earth Science. These engaging talks are free and open to the public, and are especially valuable for enthusiastic learners from secondary school students to adults. A question and answer opportunity is always included. Where else can you enjoy an intriguing exchange with a leading scientist or educator? Our novice-friendly labs demonstrate at a comfortable pace the ideas and principles of geology and earth science. They allow an involved, hands-on learning experience for beginners, or a helpful refresher for the seasoned enthusiast. These instructive sessions are also free and open to the public. Where else can you actively practice science, under expert guidance, for free? 

GSM at the Minnesota State Fair

Visit us every day at the State Fair August 27 through Sept. 7. Our booth is near the center of the Education Building on the east side of the fairgrounds. Stop by to see our many rock and mineral specimens from all over Minnesota, to pick up a lecture schedule, and to learn more about our organization and its educational opportunities. 


Seminars and Labs

The schedule of seminars and labs for 2015-2016 in now available click here .  The seminars are on Monday at 7:00 PM on the University of Minnesota campus, except where noted otherwise.   

Field Trips

During the months of May through October, GSM conducts a series of professionally-guided, statewide and regional field trips. These are one to three day excursions made to points of geologic interest not usually experienced by the casual traveler. They afford a very memorable and satisfying learning experience as there are always plenty of hands-on and question-answering opportunities. A comaraderie with enthusiastic learners and people curious about their natural environment is always a reward in itself. There is a small charge for any shared expense, and a liability waiver must be signed for each participant.

Next field trip: 
GSM is conducting a field trip to the Keweenaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan for 4 days, running from Wednesday, July 22 through Saturday, July 25. We will explore the geology of the area by both land and water. The Michigan Technological University research vessel Agassiz will be used for the water-based portions of the trip. Dr. Bill Rose and Erika Vye, both of MTU and long-time residents of the Keweenaw, will lead the tours. Due to the passenger capacity of the Agassiz, the Keweenaw trip is strictly limited to 34 participants.

In association with the Keweenaw trip, we are planning a related 3-day trip covering geological points of interest in Upper Michigan east of the Keweenaw. This related trip will run from Sunday, July 19 through Tuesday, July 22. There is no limit on the number of participants for this trip. If you include this option, the combined trips will encompass a full week (excluding travel).

You can participate in either or both of these trips. Please see this page for more detail on both trips. Contact Dave Wilhelm ( if you think you might be interested in either of these trips. Please note that the Keweenaw trip is nearing its capacity of 34 participants. 


Speakers for metro area elementary schools are available through the Public Service Committee to help enrich the education of young learners, particularly the 2nd to 4th grade levels.


Membership in the society is open to anyone with an interest in geology. The benefits of membership include

  • Extensive Media Library - GSM maintains a collection of more than 125 geological videos and a growing number of interactive, multimedia CD-ROMs for both windows and Macintosh computers. These are available to the members at lectures or through the mail for a nominal rental fee.
  • GSM Newsletter - A quarterly publication containing announcements of upcoming activities, interesting and informative articles on the earth sciences, GSM project and activity reports, and general club news and notices.
  • GSM Directory - An annual book that is a handy information resource, and makes it easy to access your organization.
  • Rocky Roots ... Three Geology Walking Tours of Downtown St. Paul - A free copy of this popular guidebook.
  • The opportunity to meet others of diverse backgrounds who share an enthusiasm for learning and a curiosity for the natural world around them.
  • The rewarding feeling of supporting a public-spirited, nonprofit organization dedicated to public education.
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