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Board Meeting Minutes, 2010 February 12

Geological Society of Minnesota
Meeting Minutes
2010 February 12

PRESENT: Paul Jansen (treasurer), Theresa Tweet (board member), Bill Robbins, Ed Steffner, Darrell Mytty, Janine Atchison (vice president), Janet Hopper (board member), Alan Bowles, Harvey Thorliefson (board member), Dick Bottenberg (president), Ben Preece (secretary), Allan Smith.

There is a quorum present.


The agenda was presented to the members present and approved.

Welcome and Introductions

Because this is the start of the new year, and because Darrell Mytty and Allan Bowles are being presented as candidates for the board, Dick asked all present to introduce themselves and discuss their interest in geology, the GSM, and the board of directors.

Dick reviewed the GSM structure, discussed the bylaws on the web site, including the officers and committees.  He asked that anyone on the board should take ownership for some aspect of the GSM activities.

Ed suggested that there is a need to reconstitute the Social Committee, and there was discussion whether the recognition committee could be subsumed into the social committee.

December Meeting Minutes

Dick said that Judy Hamilton pointed out an error in the previous meeting minutes.  The cost of color printing for the newsletter would be $300, not $400 as reported.

WIth the given correction, Janine moved to accept the previous meeting minutes; Harvey seconded the motion; there is no discussion; the motion passed with unanimous approval.

New Board Members

Dick nominated Allan Bowles to serve on the board of directors; Ly seconded the motion; there was no discussion; the motion passed with unanimous approval.

Dick nominated Darrell Mytty to serve on the board of directors; Alan seconded the motion; there was no discussion; the motion passed with unanimous approval.

Committee Reports


Paul Jansen presented the treasurer's report.

The GSM's Form 990-EZ has been filed with the IRS.  The due date is February 15.  Paul said that though the form is long, it's very self-explanatory.  There were no anomalies, difficulties, or other issues.

All monies from the state grant for the markers project have been spent. There remains $1659.07 from the $5000.00 set-aside.  Together with the $1000.00 set aside for the Minnehaha marker, this is $2659.07 in restricted funds.

All subcontractors for the marker projects have been sent their W-2s.

The two outstanding checks have been returned to the income side of the ledger.

Janine moved to accept treasure's report; Harvey seconded the motion.  Janine asked for a comparison report with previous years.  Paul said that this is done at the end of the fiscal year (October to September).  The motion to approve passed with unanimous approval.

Internet committee

Alan Smith and Dick discussed the reason for rewriting the GSM web site, including the need to allow other people besides Alan to update the site.

Dick, Ly, and Harvey discussed the townhall meeting and the need for a common geology resource web site.  Harvey reminded us the the Geological Society of America will be coming to Minnesota 2011 October, and the geology web site could be a large part of the impression Minnesota leaves with the visiting geologists.

Janine said she likes the new format for the GSM web site much better than the old.  Darrell suggested there should be captions on the field trip photos.

Harvey asked to have the old site completely taken down.  Allan Bowles suggested that the old site should stay up for a few more months, with a message saying it's being obsoleted, and a link to the new site.

Alan Smith showed how the board-only permissions work on the GSM web site, and asked whether there was a use for pages which only the board members could access.  Janine suggested minutes should not be public until approved.  Ed proposed instead that minutes should be available, but noted as not approved yet.

Janet asked for a way to put meeting dates on the web site calendars.

Ed asked for pages dedicated to each of the committees.  Janine agrees.  Ly asked whether the forums page may be the way to handle this.  Ed thinks not.  Janine says maybe but that would not be intuitive.  Dick said the forums are needed, however, as a way to get feedback from the organization's members.

Dick suggested that the "About this site" link on the GSM web site should say instead "About GSM".

Allan Bowles suggested that the site seems a bit complicated.  Harvey agrees we should not overcomplicate the site.

Harvey suggested that, instead of emailing minutes out, they should be posted to web site, and then an email should be sent with a link to the web page.

Recognition Committee

Janet reported on the recognition banquet.  She said it went well, with a turnout of 55 people, and suggested that may have been lowered a bit because January was not a good time.  Paul says he though turnout was good for a first time.  Theresa reported a profit from the banquet:  $692.80 revenue, $357.12 expenses, althougth there are still other items to be reconciled.

Dick says he thought it was a success, but asked the committee for a recommendation on whether to do this again next year.  Janet said she thinks we should.

Marker Committee

Ed reported that we will still need to spend another $400-$600 Interstate Park marker to place a boulder.  The money is available.  Dick asked Ed to get a report from Doug Z on whether  there are still more additional expenses to be expected.

The new project which the GSM submitted to the state last November was not considered because information was absent, and it came in after the deadline.  There will be an opportunity to resubmit the proposal sometime in March.  As structured, the proposal offloads much of the financial responsibility from Paul to Ed, but Ed will need authority to write checks.  Janine asks to join marker committee (saying she speaks fluent bureaucracy).  Dick asked the committee to visit Greta to make sure we know what she wants before resubmitting the proposal.  Ed agreed, but said she has not been available.

Janet aske about Minnehaha Falls project.  Ed did not think we should address another project until the current one is wrapped up, and we know the disposition of the new proposal, but agrees we still have an obligation to do Minnehaha when we have the opportunity.

Field Trip Committee

Janet reported that there will be a meeting of the Field Trip Committee on March 1 at Janet's house.

Programs and Lectures

Steve Erickson was not present.  Dick said this is the time of year to solicit suggestions and provide them to Steve.  Darrell mentioned a recent project of Mark Jirsa on PGE mining opportunities in Minnesota, and Harvey agreed that would be a good topic.


Judy Hamilton was not present.  Dick told all they should feel free to submit articles to Judy.


Katy was not present.  There was no discussion.

Public Service

Doug Zbikowski was not present.  Dick mentioned our recent presence at MESTA.

Shows and Exhibits

Tom Schoennecker was not present.

History and Archives

Harvey has volunteered to help Steve inventory and update the GSM archives.  Janet suggested that some could be scanned and uploaded to the web site.

New Business

Ed said that quarterly meetings are too infrequent.  Janine agreed.  Dick said he thinks we should meet in March and April, then bimonthly afterwards.

Agreed that the 2010 board meeting schedule will be March 18, April 22, June 17, August 12, October 21, and a date in December to be decided closer to the time.

Paul moved to adjourn the meeting; Allan Bowles seconded the motion; the motion passed with unanimous approval.